Belgian Throwdown 2018

Welcome to the 5th edition of the Belgian Throwdown.

After four editions where more than 790 athletes competed, here comes the 2018 edition!
Last year, a few innovative events delighted the athletes.
Once again this year will include surprise workouts that will make the Belgian Throwdown THE EVENT of the summer which you just can’t miss! This competition is open to all nationalities and all kinds of athletes (affiliate or independent).

The Finals of the Belgian Throwdown will take place over 3 days: 10-11-12th of August 2018 (2 days for the Intermediate categories).
To reach the Finals, you need to participate in the various phases of qualifiers.


They will take place from the 12th to the 27th of May, 2018. Three qualifiers Workouts will determine the best athletes and select them for the Finals.

3 days of Finals for the Individuals Elite, Teams Elite, Masters and Teens categories : 10-11-12th of August 2018
2 days of Finals for the Individuals Intermediate and Teams Intermediate categories : 10-11th of August 2018

The scaled category will only take place online during the qualifiers.

Following the qualifiers, will be qualified :

▪30 Men / 20 Women Elite
▪30 Men / 20 Women Intermediate
▪10 Men / 10 Women Masters 35+
▪10 Men / 10 Women Masters 40+
▪10 Boys / 10 Girls Teens
▪20 Men Teams / 10 Women Teams Elite (of 2 athletes)
▪20 Men Teams / 10 Women Teams Intermediate (of 2 athletes)



Each individual athlete has to submit their score to the “WODCAST” platform after creating their own profile. A video link has to be submitted to the Belgian Throwdown team to assess and judge the scores. The scores will be posted within the required timeframe, any delay will be penalized by the invalidity of the points.


Every team has to log itself onto the WODCAST platform after creating its profile. The teams will be assessed according to the cumulated score of the 2 team members. Therefore, each member of the team has to perform the wods individually and post their scores. Then, the team captain has to enter the cumulated score of the 2 members of the team and upload the 2 video links. The teams that wish to include members from various Box are welcome to do so.

Video links submission

In order to validate your scores and qualify yourself to the Finals, you need to videotape every qualification score.
To be valid, the video must include your name (or the name of the team), the equipment and the loads used to train and to perform the score (time/reps).
It is your responsibility to place the camera in a well enough angle for us to validate the movements and assess the standards.

Your video will be judged according to the movement standards as following:

-Good (no “bad repetition” or “bad repetitions” that are not recorded in the athlete’s score).
-Valid-Minor Penalty (1 to 4 bad repetitions) results in subtracting 1 to 4 reps from score.
-Valid-Major Penalty (more than 5 bad repetitions) results in subtracting 15 percent of total reps.
-Invalid (you’re not following the movement standards, the camera is misplaced, violation of the workout format, miscounting of the repetitions): your score will not be valid in this case.

It is the sole responsibility of the athlete to ensure the submission of the video as early as possible in order to make a new attempt if the score isn’t valid the first time.

How to choose my category ?

Elite (Individuals & Teams) : You have been practicing CrossFit for several years and you are able to do the workouts as RX. You are able to execute every movement that we can find on : handstand walking, muscle-up, Squat Snatch….

Intermediate (Individuals & Teams) : You do most workouts as RX, and scaled some of them. In this category, some loads and gymnastics movements will be scaled.

Masters 35+ : In order to be eligible for the category, the athlete must have the required age (35, 36, 37, 38 or 39 y/o) on the 12th of August 2018 (that means the last day of the Finals).

Masters 40+ : In order to be eligible for the category, the athlete must have the required age (40 y/o or more) on the 12th of August 2018 (that means the last day of the Finals).

Teens : In order to be eligible for the category, the athlete must have the required age (16-17-18-19-20 y/o) on the 12th of August 2018 (that means the last day of the Finals)

Scaled : The scaled category is dedicated to beginners in CrossFit, who want to enjoy the fun of a competition, and feel the support of the community inside their own box. This competition will be online only, between May 12th and May 27th, with 3 workouts and a final ranking. (Prize money for the Top 3 males and females)


Pull ups/Chest to bar

Toes to bar

Handstand Push ups

Box Jumps

WB 9kg/6kg

Snatch 50kg/30kg

C&J 60kg/40kg

Deadlift 80kg/55kg


Push ups




Jumping Pull ups or Jumping Chest to bar

Hang HIgh Knee raises

Push ups on the Box

Step Box

WB 6kg/3kg

Snatch 30kg/20kg

C&J 40kg/30kg

Deadlift 50kg/30kg


Push up on the Box



Prize Money

This year , the Prize Money is 15.000 € – Cash & Gear