Each individual athlete has to submit their score to the “WODCAST” platform after creating their own profile. A video link has to be submitted to the Belgian Throwdown team to assess and judge the scores. The scores will be posted within the required timeframe, any delay will be penalized by the invalidity of the points.


Every team has to log itself onto the WODCAST platform after creating its profile. The teams will be assessed according to the cumulated score of the 2 team members. Therefore, each member of the team has to perform the wods individually and post their scores. Then, the team captain has to enter the cumulated score of the 2 members of the team and upload the 2 video links. The teams that wish to include members from various Box are welcome to do so.

Video links submission

In order to validate your scores and qualify yourself to the Finals, you need to videotape every qualification score.
To be valid, the video must include your name (or the name of the team), the equipment and the loads used to train and to perform the score (time/reps).
It is your responsibility to place the camera in a well enough angle for us to validate the movements and assess the standards.

The clock should at all times be in the field of view.
Recording applications (like WeTime or WodProof for example) which add a clock onto the video are accepted and recommended.
A video resolution higher than 240p is also required.

Your video will be judged according to the movement standards as following:

-Good (no “bad repetition” or “bad repetitions” that are not recorded in the athlete’s score).
-Valid-Minor Penalty (1 to 4 bad repetitions) results in subtracting 1 to 4 reps from score.
-Valid-Major Penalty (more than 5 bad repetitions) results in subtracting 15 percent of total reps.
-Invalid (you’re not following the movement standards, the camera is misplaced, violation of the workout format, miscounting of the repetitions): your score will not be valid in this case.

It is the sole responsibility of the athlete to ensure the submission of the video as early as possible in order to make a new attempt if the score isn’t valid the first time.