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Your Qualifiers registration happens via the EventBrite platform. After registration, you will receive an email from WODcast, which is the platform where you submit your scores.

Here is the complete procedure:
1. Registration to Qualifiers via EventBrite
2. You will receive a confirmation email from EventBrite informing you of your registration to the Qualifiers
3. Within the hour, you will receive a WODcast activation email with username and password, as well as the instructions to access the system (check your spam box, because this email can sometimes fall into this box)
4. You register on WODcast by following the link received by email, where you can register your username and password, received also in the same email
5. You select the approver (judge/coach/box) who will approve your scores
6. If the approver is not listed, WODcast allows you to send a request to your approver by email so that he/she registers in the list
7. The approver receives the email saying that he/she has been invited by you to register on WODcast (he must check his spam box, because this mail can sometimes fall in this box)
8. Within 24 hours after registration, the approver will be validated by the system and will receive a username and password. He will have to register and will join the list of approvers
9. Athletes have the opportunity to update their personal information on their profile, as well as submit their scores
10. Athlete videos (set on ‘public view’) must be uploaded to platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo and web links must be submitted on WODcast, as well as scorecards. For TEAMS, there is ONE field to put the videos, but you can put the 2 links one right next to the other
11. Once a score is submitted in the WODcast system, it will NOT appear in the Leaderboard until the approver has validated his score
12. Athletes may submit as many scores as they wish, however the scores must always be approved by their approver
13. The Leaderboard will NOT update until our team approves the scores afterwards (it takes +/- one week of work to approve all scores for our team after May 26, 2019)

• Do not wait until the last minute to submit your scores
• Do not wait until the last minute to confirm your approver (and remind your approvers to confirm your scores!)
• If you are an independent athlete, ask the nearest CrossFit box to do the WODs in the box and ask a coach to approve your score on WODcast (see points 5 to 8)

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