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Qualifiers Registration: 20/12/2018, 08h00 – 26/05/2019, 23h59
Qualifiers: 04/05/2019, 08h00 – 26/05/2019, 23h59


Participating in the Qualifiers gives access to participate in the Finals (if your score is among the best scores recorded)


Submission of scores

Athletes submit their scores on WODcast platform (more info on “EventBrite & WODcast procedure“)

Head Judges can’t comment on individual performances. This will be subject to the video reviews.

Head Judges will not confirm if your videos have been uploaded correctly.

All weights must reported in kilograms, not pounds.



The athletes have to film themselves doing the WODs and launch a timer to measure their time. Scores are validated by volunteer judges (in agreement with the athlete) in the CrossFit Boxes.

Videos must be uploaded to platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. The video links (set on ‘public view’) are then submitted on WODcast. Judges must register on the platform as well (more info on “EventBrite & WODcast Procedure“).

To be valid, videos must include the athlete’s name (or team name), equipment and the charges used to reach their score (time/rep).

It is your responsibility to place the camera in a good angle so that we can validate the movements and evaluate the standards.

The timer must always be in view. Recording applications (such as WeTime or WodProof, for example) that add a timer to the video are accepted and even strongly recommended.

Video resolution greater than 240p is also required.

Our committee will be responsible for checking the scores obtained and validated by the athletes’ judges, and ranking the best athletes who will have the chance to participate in the Finals.


The procedure is the same as for Individuals, but the score is calculated based on the cumulative score of the two team members. Therefore, each member of the team must execute the WODs individually. Then the captain of the team must enter the cumulative score of the two members of the team and put the video links (set on ‘public view’) of the two athletes on WODcast (there is ONE field, but you can put the 2 links one right next to the other).


Scores submission from May 4, 2019, 08h00 to May 26, 2019, 23h59


Online Registration to Qualifiers via EventBrite
Submission of videos online via WODcast

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